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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:27 am 
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[YLD80Y] wrote:
I'm sure everyone has read recurring posts that say something like:
"How do I fit 17" wheels without scrubbing. Before you ask, I searched and couldn't find an answer."

"Where can I buy a Veilside bodykit for my Swift. I searched and got 59725987 posts, and I don't have time to look through them all."

At which point the search function usually gets blamed for being "crap" or "useless". Sorry, but the problem is the user!

How to improve your search:

  1. Start precisely, end broadly.
    Don't put in one keyword, then give up when you get 4.3 million results. Use very specific multiple keywords (see below) and then try more generic words until you find what you're after.
  2. Use multiple keywords
    Like google, the forum search function has a way of recognising that you want to look for a combination of words. Simply put "and" in between your keywords, and be sure to select "search for all terms" before you run the search.
  3. Think!
    When you pick keywords, have a think about any other words that might have also been used. For example, information on an "exhaust" might be under "muffler" or "cannon".
  4. Be specific about your categories.
    If you're only interested in something that applies to a certain model, then select that category or forum on the left hand side. For example, if you want to search on fuel regulators for a turbo GTi, then narrow it down by selecting the "turbo specific" forum.
  5. Check the technical FAQ
    Most of the searches on the forum are for answers to technical questions, so before you bother searching, check the technical FAQ for your particular model. Chances are there might be an answer or two there.

... and that's it! I guarantee that if you follow those tips you'll find what you're looking for without having to sift through pages and pages of posts, giving you more time to blog on myspace, or whatever it is you crazy kids do with your spare time. :lol:

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 6:08 am 
Moderator & FAQ King
Moderator & FAQ King
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On Teamswift, much of frequently sought information can be found just by browsing the different Stickies in each section. The Stickies are frequently updated (though they won't have yellow flags because the updates are edits, not new posts). I'm now in the process of cleaning up the many Stickies. You'll see many sections just have one Stickie labeled as an Index. The Index allows better control over how the information is sorted. I can now sort threads by categories instead of just having them randomly scattered at the top of the section by the last post date, as they were before. All the old Stickies are now linked in the index as well. Nothing is gone, it's just now better organized.

jaguar,vettes&sprints wrote:
...can you inlighten me about lihtan's
( miracle pour hole)
maybe a picture Thanks

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