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 Post subject: Building a wall
PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:25 am 
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This is a bit of a treat for me. I didn't write this. I am glad, however, that I get to share this unbelievable project with you guys. It was done by Loyd Lowry. Many of you may not know him but his accomplishments in SPL competition are pretty impressive:

2003 season

MECA M4 WV State Champion
MECA X1 WV State Champion
MECA M4 WV Record Holder
MECA X1 WV Record Holder

2002 season

MECA November 2002 Member of the Month

MECA Mr3 World Champion
MECA Mr3 World Record Holder
MECA Mr3 WV State Champion
MECA Db2 WV State Champion
MECA Db2 WV Record Holder
MECA X1 WV Record Holder
MECA M3 WV Record Holder
MECA MR3 WV Record Holder
NSPL Consumer 0-30" World Finalist
*NSPL Consumer 0-30" World Record Holder*
NSPL Consumer 0-30" WV State Champion
NSPL Consumer 0-30" WV Record Holder
USACi Modified 601- up Regional Record Holder
USACi Modified 601-up WV Record Holder

*First person in NSPL history to break 150db in Consumer 0-30"*

2001 season

MECA Mr4 World Champion
MECA Mr4 WV State Champion
MECA Mr4 World Record Holder
MECA Mr4 WV Record Holder
MECA X2 WV Record Holder

Current Trophy Count: 75

Anyways, Loyd's been busy building a non-spl (in a manner of speaking) competition car. It consist of eighteen (yes that's right) RE 8's. Amplification is roughly1700W and it is all in a 13.5^ft enclosure tuned around 32Hz. This was done a little while ago and we all had a great time talking with Loyd about it and seeing all the pics posted as the system was built. This is also a daily driver BTW so it's built a little different than an extreme car. Chuckwagon on here will be building an all out SPL car this year and hopefully will get enough pics to do a small (or big;) ) FAQ for us. And now, without further's how the install went down.

In the first picture.. we've laid down a piece of 3/4" mdf on the floor of the vehicle.. we call it "the dance floor" for obvious reason. This sheet of wood is SECURELY.. say it again.. SECURELY fastened to the vehicle using plumbing strap, bolts, and screws. You cannot half *** this part.. if you happen to make a sudden stop in your vehicle, and the wall isn't fastened down tight.. well... you'll probably end up dead..

the size of the dance floor doesn't particularly matter.. this one ended up being 30" x 18"


This next pic shows up attaching the back of the wall, to the bottom.. which is sitting on top of the dancefloor. In most sedans, the wall will need to be built completely inside the vehicle. the two pieces will be attached together with 1.5" fine drywall screws, and generous amounts of liquid nail glue. while not a good choice for sealing cracks, liquid nail will form a very nice bond. a good idea on screws is one every 10 inches.. pre-drill the holes of course

note that the bottom of the wall isn't attached to the dancefloor, and wont be until the wall is completely built.. much easier to add pieces with it movable..


here we have the passenger side panel and back of the wall in place.. secured by more screws and liquid nail. Putting the side panels on is much easier when the wall can be moved around.


One of the more difficult points of the wall, is attaching the roof of the box onto the back. Notice that the corner is notched, so that the wall would fit the contour of the cars roof. once fully screwed into place, the top piece will stay in place until the rest of the wall is put into place. Always need at least 2 people when attempting a wall, and more is always better. we had 6 people on this one.


having effective bracing methods is always needed in a wall type box.. MDF WILL flex when ran long distances unbraced. these 1" x .5" strips on the back of the wall will help control flex, and being on the outside, will not cause in-box turbulence. The box will also have all thread bracing.


Here we are attaching the slanted strips into the corners of the top of the box. this allows me to get more airspace, by follow the contour of the roof. you can see at the top of the pic that my headliner was completely cut and removed above the wall, to give me the most possible room. the strips are screwed into place, and heavily glued with liquid nail. It has to be completely rigid.


I find it easier to graph the woofer onto the baffle, find center, and go with the cutout. With 18 woofers to get on the baffle, its much easier to plan room between the baskets by going this route. To find the center of the circle, just draw two lines across the circle, trying to maintain 90 degrees between line..


This pic shows plumbing strap connected to the side of the wall.. this further helps hold the box in place in the event of a wreck, sudden stops, etc. The strap is ran through the rear deck of the car. I highly reccomend this step. EDIT: Since this is going into a vehicle with a trunk this step is a little different than out Swifts. A couple of good mounting points for us are where the rear seatbelts bolt to the floor and where the spare bolts to the floor. You can also drill holes in the back and run bolts throughto attach it. I wouldn't recommend the rear strut towers as if you hit something the damge to the car may be minimal but the force of a 300lb enclosure giving a sudden jerk to the towers could be bad.


whoooo.. baffle is finished.. and in..

We cut the port out, and added the length (170 sq inches, 15.75" long), liquid nailed the back of the face.. and on she went. The baffle was secured by drywall screws, and finishing nails. The port was secured to the sides of the wall in the same method.


EDIT: That's basically it. The wall itself is finnished. I'm gonna skip the rest of the install because it deals with painting the enclosure and basic wiring and such. More fun to move to the final product.


supplies used:

2 sheets of .75" MDF (49x97)
3 tubes of liquid nails
1 box of screws
3 quarts of resin*
2 linear yards of fleece*
1 quart bondo glass*
1 can spray foam*
3 cans fleckstone*
1 roll plumber's strap
1 can undercoating*
7 paint brushes*
2 router bits

* was used to complete the wall cosmetically.

52 man hours

So what does Loyd think of it?

Performance wise.. I'm at a loss for words..they make the 4 K 15's I used to run sound like a turn on thump.. no comparison.. more low end, more output, much cleaner output too.. simply put.. loudest system my vehicle has seen. Made myself and Nick sick when we were putting it through its paces.. I didn't even find full volume yet.. lol. Just plain hurts you.. violent low end.. 30hz material will throw you out of the car.. will drop 20 hz like nobodies business.. I'll be perfectly honest.. I wasn't expecting this much from this system.. I'm shocked..

EDIT: Remember when I told you this car wasn't built for competition?

well.. due to popular demand.. the car spent nearly an hour on Team Smoke's Linear X pcrta Jr. Nothing fancy.. nothing special.. didn't change a setting anywhere.. rolled into the shop.. moved the seats forward, and threw the reality SPL jig in the seat.. for headrest measurements brought up track 12 on the MECA disc (100-20 hz sweep) on volume 14, and started resonant hunting..rather flat response.. almost 2 octaves of output.. which I figured.. usuable from 22 hz up to 70hz (xover bites hard @ 60hz)..found peak @ 39hz.. which is about right for the tuning, and wall placement..

so here we go.. Perdue resets the mic.. I start on volume 12... and up... 130.. up.... 140... up...150... hit volume level 28.. maxed out..

154.6 db!!!!!!

lets ponder that number for a second.. the absolute loudest reality score Ive ever hit.. at any show.. was a 149.8db.. 2 years ago.. on a rather questionable meter.. frankly.. I was stunned.. couldn't believe that number.. thats a solid 152 on the new Termlab sensor.. at the headrest.. damn.. I dropped down to 30hz.. reset the meter.. rolled the volume up slowly.. got it to a 150.7 at 30hz.. car also did a 155.3 in the kick, and a 155 flat on the dash.. all 39hz. Threw my demo cd in.. bunch of bass heavy rap and stuff.. tried 3 Lil Jon songs.. "Get Low", "Throw it Up", and I think its "T.I.P" not sure..ll of them did a 153.5 on the headrest...and to finish up.. with the driver side door open, and the mic 6-7ft away from it.. 133.2 db @ 39hz..

In conclusion.. this is the loudest reality SPL score I've ever hit, by FAR... the 2nd loudest kickpanel SPL I've ever hit.. all from some cheap 8's, and a cheap amp...

Loyd L.

If you guys want to see anything more of Loyd's stuff you can go here.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2004 6:31 pm 
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