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Underbody braces, turbos and more!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 12:59 am 
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nitro and suprf1y were working on some advance gears a while back for the 1.3 dohc motor.after kris recieved them, life kicked in and he never had a chance to install them. well kris (n1tr0) ended up selling the car to me and giving me the gears with the car.
the car has a few bolt on mods like, toms chip , nissan throttle body, k&n filter element, 2" exhaust,and an under drive pulley. and all of it was put into a geo convertible. the thing had a power band like a two stroke. at 4000 on the nose it took off like a rocket,with nothing really worth while below that rpm.
i took the car to the 1/4 mile track (pacific raceways in kent washington)for some runs to see what it would do. i felt very good about my runs as they were all within a tenth of a second and i dont think it had any more in it.. every timeslip said 16.5 at 82 miles an hour.the only difference in the runs ,all five of them, were 16.5something something and 82.something mph.
then the cam gears went on. i moved the intake cam gear onto the exhaust setting,(the intake and exhaust cams are double drilled from the factory so it is the same gear with an intake setting and an exhaust setting)giving the intake a +2 deg from stock.
then i installed the suprf1y drilled gear on to the exhaust with a +2 deg from stock.and then reset the timing to match the before cams setting.
now comes the test drive :? to tell you the truth i was a bit disapointed.. the "seat of the pants" feel ,was flat. the 4000 rpm launch in power was gone, and it just didnt feel to be as fast. it felt smooth, like i didnt loose too much but i wasnt sure.the bottom end did feel stronger as wheel spin while driving in first was much easier,with out dumping the these have been on for a few weeks ,but i didnt want to leave feadback until i went back to the track.
so , tonight it was 'back to the track' time :twisted: i did everything in my power to duplicate the original runs.i removed the spare tire and jack, emptied the gas tank and added one gallon of fuel, and put the original wheels and tires that were on the car when a raced it last.even the weather was similar,sunny and very warm about 70 deg.
the timeslips tell the tale!!! i ran three runs all at 16.3 at 85 mph!! now this was in the heat of the sun. i was certain i was going to get a 16.2 when the sun went down and the air got cooler,cause i did a 16.305 in the sun. but alas, it was not to be :( after the sun went down i staged the car and launched the same as i always do, about 3000 rpm and three quarters throttle untill the tirespin stops.but i didnt get any tirespin... only clutch slippage :evil: . i tried launching easier on the next run, but when i shifted , instead of a tire squeal, i got the slow rpm drop to meet the speed of the car. bummer.... times started to climb and mph started to drop.
now the whole point to this long winded post :oops: is , these gears are deffinatly worth it! period.. it took about 10 minutes to install,(no upper cover) didnt even release tension on the t-belt.anyone who spends any time at the dragstrip will tell you an honest two tenths for 10 min. work is
totally worth it.
my only problem is now, after i do a clutch, i would like to test his +4 gears to see if they help even more. but next time i take the car to the track ,i will have his cams :twisted: two thumbs way up :thumb2: :thumbsup:


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2005 1:20 am 
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Former TeamSwift Admin
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just to explain a bit .. what jimmy did in theory was advance the intake by roughly 4 degrees and the exhaust by roughly 2 degrees, same as suggested by kyle and others who've done dyno tuning with the adjustable cam gears. the only difference is that to reach +4 and +2 you just need one re-drilled/centered/aligned stock cam-gear from mike :)

:cheers: :clap: i'm stoked to hear that my ghetto/budget theory may have panned out.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:54 am 
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Just found this thread Don't know were this MB will be but before the light go out

I want to ad this......
I met Kris N1tr0 a few time and Tuffy Jimmy great guys back in the day
when people went out of there way to help other Suzuki owners
I did drive this car (Black with tan cloth top GTI vert G1.3B )
and was going to purchase Late/05
I remember at idle it had a very "lopy" sound.( like running rich)
When I took a test drive I was disappointed at first.......
It fell on its nose (severe Bog) in till you got up to around 3500-4000 RPM then it sound and felt like you were in a monster
it was a wow factor for sure I remember the car was flat out moving and quick and it was all I could handle it up to 8500-9000 RPM.

When I backed out after i was out of the car....
Jimmy let me in on the secret to driving that car (these GTI/GT's) in general
(Rev the piss out of it Drop the clutch and never let the RPM get below 4G's keep it above 4000rpm)
It was a fine art between wheel spin/ traction/and shifting/and not blowing the motor up from over rev's

If I known that I would have for sure Blown that car up...Had to buy it
Tricky bit of business for sure .....
Never forget that ride or those guys .......... jv&s

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