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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 3:20 pm 
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I have a 1993 swift glx 60k on clock ,that I purchased back in June this year,
I am no dummy when it comes to most cars,
But this one has me puzzled,
Just before I purchase car the guy that sold it to me, said it belong to his Dad
and done all his own services over life of car and mileage is true
log docs show only 2 owners before to me,
so possible ,
Anyway after his dad died ,,
the cam belt tensioner got very noisy
and unlike his Dad,,
this guy was a numpty with cars ,
and got a local garage to replace cam belt and tensioner,
and water pump at same time,
As part of 60k service plus run checks on service parts that need checking ,
When local garage return car,
car run like a pile of ???? ,
and was in and out of garage for next 6 months ,
till he got fed up and sold it on ,
and I now have it and have tested and replace defective sensors,
check all the logical things to done
replace vacuum hoses
have got engine running ok when moving,
but a lousy tick over , [its an auto remember]
Throttle position sensor is new and set to Suzuki specs [hoping this would end tick over problems ]
Anyway still having tick over problem it stays in the right range 750/950 but cant nail it down to 800
and still have almost odd moments of nearly stalled state when sitting at lights,
So now digging in to engine innards I remove cover of cam belt and rocker covers ,
and gone back over what last person done,
And find a most odd setup ,
the car is timed on timing ignition to spark plug number 4 not spark plug one,
and set 18* btdc
Will not strobe to timing marks 8* BTDC which is what its suppose to be
with wire in the service plug
On spark Number One plug,
Will strobe on Number Four but is all over place ,
going 12* to 5* on tick over but rev the engine and it advance's to right setting with jump wire remove from service plug wire
Assume I have right engine manual its for a 1993 Suzuki g13ba engine ea35s specs
The rotor sensor in dizzy tested ok new cap and rotor leads and coil,
How did it end up with number four spark plug as ignition timing master,,
instead of spark plug number one ,
and how do I reline timings to get back to spark plug number one,
and 7*to 8* ignition setting with service plug jumper wire in place ,
and get tick over back in line,

:!: :arrow: :buzz: Thanks for reading

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