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PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:17 am 

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I have a 2001 1.3l euroSwift with a MX17(aka Geo/GM M60) 3-spd auto-transmission and it seems to be a single piece ECU/TCU under the dash(hard to get at), it will shift into drive and shifts up and down in gears 1-3 normally when driving or when down shifted into 2 and 1 with the gear selector stick but the car cannot be rolled forward or backward in neutral or reverse when the engine is running no can I hear change from P-R-N until D where it goes properly into drive gear, it will not shift into a working reverse gear and it surges forward a bit against the transmission park lock when started. The motor is in great shape and starts instantly (the ECU only occasionally throws an oxygen sensor pre-heater code) as is the car and interior but I can't register and insure it without working reverse.
It had been run with low fluid and it pulsed forward in gear 3 above 40mph when I received it it also slowly leaks fluid.
I have read that a fluid change can help though not sure why that would help unless there is a concern of clogged valves.
I have the MX17 manual and a big Chevrolet/Geo Metro dealership service manual but the troubleshooting doesn't mention my exact problem.
I could review the manuals again but I need to know if all shifting is selected exclusively by the two solenoids or if there is any mechanical valve activated by the shift cable.(edit I looks like the 'manual valve' is activated directly by the gear selector cable)
I replaced the pie wedge shaped switchbox aka the parking/neutral safety switch and I think activates the reverse light sensor(white rear backup light does come on when gear stick is on R despite no reverse)
OBD-2 only reports transmission problems if I unplug the solenoid wire connectors under the hood. I am waiting for a hydraulic pressure meter in the mail so can not give these readings yet otherwise I am pretty good on tools.
I am a disabled on duty retired firefighter/paramedic so if I have to get under the car I would like if possible to decide whether to simply change the fluid and filter, pull the transmission for rebuild(and replace the CV axles and bearings), just buy the replacement solenoids and wires, or if it is a band not gripping which I think means rebuild. Pretty much I am up for the gamble, I can do this if I plan it for an appropriate time and get it done before the pain is too much, but it will knock me out physically for maybe a week or more. An auto shop and tow are not options except to dispose of the car as junk but a working vehicle will really save me physically in the long run. I am not afraid to go as far a pull and rebuild as this car can worst case be towed away but I have to save my body as much as possible so minimal time crawling under the car. I have an unskilled teen and pre-teen boy to help too.

link to MX17 band adjustment ... rt_atb1151

I can send anyone the MX17 transmission service manual pdf for reference if they like, it is about 4.5mb so I cant attach it to this post but I can type up excerpts or post screenshots from it once I figure out what format is required, I have about 12 relevant technical diagrams which would be great for anyone after me trying to diagnose MX17 reverse problems.

Just reviewed the manual, in Reverse the direct clutch(and solenoid) as well as first & reverse brake(and solenoid) are both active
I can shift for D which needs direct clutch/solenoid to work and get gears 1-3, and I can select for low/1 and get lowest gear, which requires first&reverse brake/solenoid working; what am I missing?

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